Walden Project

The Walden Project is a unique opportunity for both college and non-college bound students who are interested in a humanities intensive, environmentally based education that is both challenging and personalized. The program is inspired by the writings of the great American philosopher Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau went into the woods to "live deliberately." During his sojourn there, he meditated upon his life and the relationship between himself and his society. While he did not spend his entire life in the woods, this period was important for him in articulating his own writing and philosophy, which has inspired millions of others, including Mahatma Gandhi, Leo Tolstoy, and Martin Luther King Jr. It also furthered his own attempts to reconcile the notions of self-sufficiency and social responsibility.

Participating in the Walden Project means you will be asked to look closely at the present day world and to discover how you can be a contributor from a developed sense of social, environmental, and personal awareness. To help you understand a community perspective, a broad cross-section of scientists, writers, artists, business people, trades people, and other community members supplement the curriculum as guest speakers.  

Applications are available in the Guidance & School Counseling Office.

Matthew Schlein