VUHS School Meals

The goal of our Nutrition Program is to nourish your student(s) so that that they are ready to learn. We prepare fresh, homemade meals every day and offer opportunities for your student(s) to learn about good nutrition and health through exposure to new foods. We are so happy to be able to serve your students every day!

ANWSU Food Service Program Mission 

“Our Children are nourished by our actions and efforts of today, to ensure a better tomorrow.”



School Menus can be accessed by clicking here for the lunch menu. Menus may are also on the School Nutrition Cooperative website.

We offer both breakfast and lunch. We believe these meals help students be prepared to learn and will make a difference in their academic success.


Even if your student eats breakfast at home he/she may still benefit from breakfast at school. Students who eat  breakfast close to the  time they start their academic day have greater ability to concentrate and stay focused. Students may order breakfast in the morning. 


Our lunches feature fresh, often locally produced, homemade entrees with sides including fresh vegetables (from our school garden in the Fall and early Winter) and lots of fruit. Students have many choices and will find both familiar favorites as well as new foods to expand their knowledge and experience of food.

MILK at LUNCH - Milk comes with every MEAL at no charge. However, milk is also available for students to purchase to go with a meal brought from home. Milk is $.65 and if sold by itself, is not part of the Free Meals benefits.

Special Diets

We try to do whatever we can to meet the needs of students on special diets. Please talk directly to the School Nutrition Manager or the ANWSD Food Service Director to discuss accommodations we can make for your child.

The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program is a Federal program which allows us help to introduce your students to a wide variety of fruits and veggies that promote good health by sending prepared fruits/veggies to classrooms. We have submitted a grant to run the program this year starting in October, three days a week including a monthly nutrition education activity. We will keep you posted.

After School Meals Program 

The Addison Northwest School District is sponsoring the U.S. Department of Agriculture-funded Child and Adult Care Food Program at Vergennes Union High School.  We provided our first afterschool meal on February 22, 2016. The ANWSD Fusion program that provides care, educational, and enrichment activities for children makes afterschool meals (dinner) available for all students at no cost. These meals are provided without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.  

This afterschool meal is provided in place of the regular fusion snack.  Stop by before getting on the bus or going to an afterschool activity. The afterschool meal will be available Monday-Friday immediately after school ends and will include pizza or a variety of sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, and milk depending on the day. Don’t miss out!


Meal Prices

  • Breakfast $1.85 
  • Lunch $2.85
  • Á la Carte Milk $.65
  • Adult Lunch $5.00
  • Adult Breakkfast $2.50

Our program will be using a new Point of Sale system starting this year. The system is very easy for students to use and will allow us to keep track of student meal purchases and accounts with ease and accuracy. The School Nutrition program is based on debit and not credit so please help our program by making sure there are enough funds in your student's account for the meals he/she will want/need. PIN System: Your student will use a PIN number to purchase meals. This number will stay with your student through grade 12. When he/she enters the number on the PIN pad, funds will automatically be deducted from the student account. We will provide assistance for students to learn their numbers quickly and also they can aìways use their name if they forget the PIN.

Food Service Payments: You may put as much money in your student's account as you wish. Positive balances remain in your student's account from year to year and can be refunded at the end of high school or ifyour student leaves the district. You must maintain a positive balance throughout the school year.

Paying with cash or check: Payments made in cash should always be in a sealed envelope with your student's name written clearly on the outside. Payments made by check should be made out to:

ANWSD School Nutrition Service - Vergennes Union High School

Be sure to write your student's name in the note section of the check.

Paying on-line: We are also able to process on-line payments with the new system. 

Find out more about MealTime's Secure Online Payments.
Mealtime Instructions

Access your VUHS meal account:




Meal Charge Regulations

We strongly discourages charging meals. You will be notified by the school nutrition manager and/or the Principal if your account is in arrears. We will not discuss financial matters with students in elementary school and we will always feed our students who need a meal. In return, please make it a priority to keep money in vour Student's account. You may review our full Meal Charge Regulations here.

Start the school year right with free school breakfast and lunch!

The Free Meals Application may be accesssed here. 

Make sure you turn in your school meals application at the start of the new school year. Many families who think they won’t qualify discover that they do, so it’s worth it to turn in an application even if you’re not sure if you qualify. All students who qualify for school meals will receive breakfast and lunch at no charge. Strong participation in school meals also helps in other ways: the amount of grant money a school receives, and the opportunity to serve meals at no charge to every student during the summer and after school, is all based on the percentage of students who enroll in our school meal program. By turning in your application, you are helping every child at our school. Strong participation helps your school’s meal program serve high-quality, delicious food and remain financially strong. Finally, when your child qualifies for school meals, he or she also qualifies for reduced college entrance exam and application fees!

It has never been more worth it for families to complete and return the school meal application. Enrolling your child in the school meal program helps your child access nutritious food at school to better concentrate and learn, and saves you time and money. Click the link above to view and print the enrollment application, contact VUHS or visit, and turn your completed application in to VUHS today!

Nutrition Services worker cuts tomatoes in the kitchen.COMMUNICATION

We believe that the key to success for your student and for our program is good communication. Please feel free to contact us if you have concerns or questions:

School Nutrition Manager: Carmen Jochum  -

School Nutrition Head Chef: Karen Takeda  -  [email protected]

School Nutrition Assistant: Lisa Lawrence -

School Nutrition Assistant: Jamie Bryant -

School Nutrition Assistant:  Eleanor  Barnes -




This institution is an equal opportunity provider. 

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