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Vergennes Union Middle School

We are a 7th through 8th grade public Middle School located in Addison County, Vermont, approximately 8 miles from Lake Champlain.

Our Mission: "Our purpose as a school community is to foster the development of knowledgeable, responsible, respectful, and healthy individuals who flourish in and contribute to an ever-changing society."

We are committed to using a personalized learning approach, within a multi-tiered system of supports, in order that all children progress.

Building-wide Initiatives


Students and teachers can work together on intervention, enrichment, extension, and choice activities. Time is set aside every day for them to meet. We believe that students should make up work or relearn what they do not understand. It is also a time for World Language, CTE, and Band & Chorus experiences. 

Morning Meeting

Each student has an advisor, and meets daily in a group of 10 - 15 students. We believe that personalization matters.  

Personal Learning Plans

During the 2023-2024 school year we will be reworking our PLP process.  Every student at VUMS creates a Personal Learning Plan.  In their plan, students consider their personal strengths, challenges, and interests.  Students set goals for their future, connect their goals to learning, and reflect on their goals. 

Transferable Skills & Habits of Work

In addition to the content standards connected to each course, students are expected to earn proficiency in Transferable Skills throughout their high school experience.  

Five Guidelines

Presence: We are here; we are on time: Be present and engaged.

Integrity: We act with personal integrity: Do what I know is right.

Respect: We are respectful: Respect yourself, each other, our school, and our community.

Kindness: We are kind: Kindness and respect work hand-in-hand to make VUMHS a great place to learn.

Self Challenge: We challenge ourselves: The only way to ensure growth is to challenge oneself every day.