Driver Education

Welcome to the Vergennes Union High School Drivers Education Website. It is my mission to provide the students with the best experience that I possibly can while they are learning how to drive. 

The process of learning to drive is two-fold. I will help prepare my students to pass their Driver's exam but more importantly I will provide them with safe habits that will help keep them safe on our highways throughout their lives. 

One of the best tools we have in helping our teens be safe is to set the example by demonstrating safe driving habits. Seat belts save lives, it is that simple.  We as the adults set the example that our children will follow.  

Before signing up for Driver's Education everyone needs to know that it is going to involve team effort and a commitment to the program. Students need to be on time for classes and drive times, Parents need to make the time to drive a minimum of 36 hours with their child before the class ends for the quarter. Parents are required to complete the Parent/Mentor Guide with their student. These will be considered graded homework.

A minimum grade of 70 is required in order to pass the class. I really enjoy teaching Driver's Education and look forward to meeting all of you when your child enrolls in this program.

There are currently no staff assigned to this department.