Classes that meet on Odd or Even Days: 

Class days are aligned with the date. A date with an even number is an E (even) day, an odd-numbered date is an O (odd) day.


High School HYBRID Schedule



Middle School HYbrid Schedules

Remote Days: Middle School teachers recommend following the daily school schedule on remote days (with the exception of Wednesdays which is spelled out below).  Most important however is checking each Canvas class for assignments, completing those assignments, and attending any required Zoom meetings.  On each remote day check Canvas for the classes that meet on that odd or even day and check your email for any messages from your teachers. 

No exploratory classes meet on Wednesdays, only morning meetings and core classes.


Grade 8 HYBRID Schedule


Grade 7 HYBRID Schedule 

Team Endeavor students are expected to Zoom with their Morning Meetings on remote days.