Main Office: (802) 877-2938
Fax: (802) 877-2558
50 Monkton Road
Vergennes, Vermont 05491

Stephanie Taylor
Extension 205
Edward Cook
Assistant Principal
Extension 204
Abigail Ruble
Director of School Counseling & Student Programs
Extension 214

Employee Directory

Name Title Email / Website Phone
Beth Adreon Special Educator [email protected] ext.297 Office
ext.244 Class
Ryan Adreon Paraeducator [email protected] ext.314 Voicemail
Nancy Ambrose Teacher - Mathematics [email protected] ext.230
Eleanor Barnes School Nutrition Assistant [email protected]
Julia Beerworth Teacher - Social Studies [email protected] ext.267
JP Benoit Teacher - Health & Physical Education [email protected] ext.226 Office
ext.229 Class
Ralph Bernardini Teacher - Mathematics [email protected]
Timothy Blanshard Custodian
Melanie Bouchard School Based Clinician [email protected] ext.279
Bill Bradford Facilities / Maintenance
Jeremy Brooks Teacher - SAILS [email protected] ext.400 Voicemail
Melissa Brooks Ed Tech Specialist / Teacher - Info Tech [email protected] ext.256
Mark Brouillard Head Custodian
Wendy Bruso Systems Administrator [email protected] ext.245
Jamie Bryant School Nutrition Assistant
Brad Castillo Paraeducator [email protected] ext.322 Voicemail
Michelle Chamberlain Paraeducator [email protected] ext.315 Voicemail
Diana Clayton Teacher - French [email protected] ext.241
Tori Cleiland Special Educator [email protected] ext.297
Rebecca Coffey Teacher - Social Studies [email protected]
Janet Cogger Paraeducator [email protected] ext.304 Voicemail
Edward Cook Assistant Principal [email protected] ext.204
Sarah Cook Teacher - Health & Physical Education [email protected] ext.227 Office
William Corbett Teacher - Social Studies [email protected] ext.236
Carl Crawford Teacher - Architecture & Engineering [email protected] ext.280
Sara Driscoll Paraeducator [email protected] ext.401 Voicemail
Susan Dunne Paraeducator [email protected] ext.318 Voicemail
Becky Ebel Special Educator [email protected] ext.220
Nicholas Exler Teacher - Band Director [email protected] ext.218
Brent Francis Teacher - Science [email protected] ext.221
Laura Frangipane Teacher - Social Studies [email protected] ext.252
Peter Garrecht Special Educator [email protected] ext.258
Bobbie Goldstein Special Educator [email protected] ext.258
Gerald Grant Custodian
Carlie Guinane Teacher - Visual Arts [email protected] ext.224
June Hallock Paraeducator [email protected] ext.306 Voicemail
Roderick Hull Teacher - Driver Education [email protected] ext.266
Laura Husk Special Educator [email protected] ext.253
Carmen Jochum School Nutrition Manager
Brian Johnson Teacher - Science [email protected] ext.219
Lynn Kayhart Teacher - Mathematics [email protected] ext.231
Janet Kepes Teacher - German [email protected]
Samantha Kepes Teacher - Science [email protected] ext.254
Kristine Kirkaldy Teacher - Spanish / PBL Coordinator [email protected]
Isaac Kreisman Teacher - Social Studies [email protected] ext.248
JoAnna (Asia) Kruse Fusion Site Coordinator [email protected] ext.331 Voicemail
Angela Kunkel Library/Media Specialist [email protected] ext.216
Jack Langer Custodian
Lisa Lawrence School Nutrition Assistant
Allison Mahoney Teacher - Language Arts [email protected] ext.239
Sharon Mallory RRC / Behavior Interventionist [email protected] ext.261
Peter Maneen Athletics Director [email protected] ext.228
Dianne Marcotte Main Office Secretary [email protected] ext.201
Susanna Mason Teacher - English Language Learner [email protected] ext.328 Voicemail
Chris McCoy Custodian
Ashlee Monk School Counselor [email protected] ext.213
Melissa Muzzy Teacher - Science [email protected] ext.255
Sean Nary Teacher - Math [email protected]
Stephen O'Bryan Custodian
Cailin O'Hara Teacher - Choral Director [email protected] ext.217
Susan Oliveira Guidance Counselor [email protected] ext.211
Meghan Olsen Special Educator - SAILS [email protected] ext.242
Heather Paquin Special Educator [email protected] ext.297
Elizabeth Payeur Teacher - Language Arts [email protected] ext.249
Stacy Raphael Teacher - High School Consortium [email protected]
Emily Rossier Teacher - Science - Walden Project [email protected] ext.325 Voicemail
Kaitlyn Roukey Teacher - Language Arts [email protected] ext.251
Abigail Ruble Director of School Counseling & Student Programs [email protected] ext.214
Matthew Schlein Teacher - Humanities - Walden Project [email protected] ext.308 Voicemail
Jeffrey Spencer Teacher - Visual Arts [email protected] ext.225
Scott Stearns Custodian
Karl Steen Teacher - Language Arts [email protected] ext.233
Glenn Story Teacher - Mathematics [email protected] ext.232
Betsy Sullivan Principal's Confidential Secretary [email protected] ext.202
Ken Sullivan Director of Building, Grounds, & Safety [email protected] ext.273
Shelby Sullivan Nurse [email protected] ext.209
Randy Sweeney Middle School Counselor [email protected] ext.257
Karen Takeda School Nutrition Head Chef
Stephanie Taylor Principal [email protected] ext.205
Michael Thomas Teacher - Language Arts [email protected] ext.240
Sarah Thompson Teacher - Science [email protected] ext.222
Shannon Thurber Paraeducator [email protected] ext.332 Voicemail
Bill VanDeWeert Teacher - Agricultural Science [email protected] ext.263 Office
ext.274 Class
Kyle Vickers Teacher - Health & Physical Education [email protected] ext.226 Office
ext.229 Class
Anne Vincent Guidance Office Secretary [email protected] ext.289
Brianne Walsh School Psychologist [email protected] ext.212
Denise Walther Paraeducator [email protected] ext.313 Voicemail
Wendy Watson Speech and Language Pathologist [email protected] ext.276
Jaime Wells School Nurse [email protected] ext.209
Dennis West Special Educator / Teacher - CBL [email protected] ext.264 Office
ext.274 Class
Annie Wilson Teacher - Physical Education [email protected] ext.316
Gary Wright Facilities / Maintenance
Chris Wyckoff Teacher - Language Arts [email protected]
Jordan Young School Based Clinician [email protected] ext.278