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eNews Week of Sept 30, 2019

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Administrators’ Message

We try to make this message as useful as possible while recognizing that it reaches a broad audience. Last week, the topic of this message was Open House and where parents could find information about proficiency based scoring through JumpRope and we included many links to information that we are working to keep current and make accurate. We want to emphasize one more source of information for parents, probably the most qualified source, and that is your student’s teachers. If you have a question about an assignment, how something was scored, what the standards mean, or how your student is currently doing in relation to a score that you may not quite understand, please direct that question to the teacher. While social media platforms offer a place for people with similar interests or concerns to come together and share their opinions, unless the information shared is accurate, it is not helpful in providing reliable and current information. Comments on social media can be divisive and alienating, contribute to misunderstanding and increase or create anxiety. So please, if you are confused about something, and that’s entirely reasonable given changes to our grading platform and process, reach out to the source, your student’s teachers (or an administrator) and give us the opportunity to respond thoughtfully and accurately.

When you do direct your questions to us, they contribute to a growing pool of information that helps everyone develop a better understanding. Many of the questions already asked were used to develop the presentation at Open House and others have made their way into our FAQ document that will be uploaded to the webpage on Monday. We have used your questions to revise and clarify information in the handbook. As mentioned before, you will find the Proficiency-Based Handbook on the VUHS website (click on “For Our Students” or “For Our Parents” in the upper right corner) or in the school message in JumpRope.

As Stephanie explained in the information session at Open House, grades and assignment scores are intended to communicate current student progress but a grading platform, whether it is JumpRope or PowerSchool, is not intended to include assignment details or scoring criteria. To communicate that type of instruction level detail, many teachers use google classroom to create assignments that are shared with students. Parents can be given access to google classroom as well, just ask your student’s teacher. That’s usually where you’ll find the expanded criteria for assignments and how an assessment will be scored.

Thank you for communicating directly with teachers and us. We appreciate the opportunity to clarify from our perspective and better understand from yours. Communication is one of the transferable skills VUHS students are developing as they move toward graduation. Thank you for working with us to model positive, effective, and direct communication.

Stephanie, Ed & Jay



School Calendar Reminders

October ANWSD Board/Committee Meeting Schedule

October 2 - Half-Day for Students (AM)- Dismissal 11:15, Inservice for Faculty/Staff (PM)

October 8 - District Restructuring Information Meeting - 6:30 pm - VUES

October 18 - No School - Fall Recess Day

October 29 & 30 - Afternoon/Evening Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences


VUHS Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Becky Ebel who has been selected by VUHS faculty/staff and nominated by several VUHS students as our 2019-2020 VUHS Outstanding Teacher of the Year. She is a strong advocate for all learners who works tirelessly to ensure the needs of students are being met. She holds herself to high standards and constantly seeks opportunities to grow her practice.  Through her presence in the classroom, she provides meaningful pathways for students to access content, develop skills and challenge themselves. She is a true advocate for all students and quickly earns the respect of all of those she is in contact with. As a colleague, she fosters and leads courageous conversations about how best to implement systemic change that supports student learning. She is positive and works hard to promote a positive culture.

To say that Becky Ebel goes above and beyond is an understatement. She is a pillar of this school as an educator, mentor, colleague, and advocate. Becky works with both students and teachers to allow for the best possible outcome for all students. Her enthusiasm and willingness to meet both the student's and teacher's expectations is uncanny.  She makes learning and teaching easier for everyone involved.

She consistently collaborates with teachers, is a co-teacher, and is a student council adviser. She is able to create meaningful relationships with all students, including her morning meeting students. Becky truly enjoys learning and is continuously participating in professional development to enhance her teaching and the school. She is a fierce advocate for proficiency based learning and moving VUHS forward. She is positive and works hard to promote a positive culture.

Congratulations Becky! Thanks for your passion and commitment to VUHS and our students, adults, and community as a whole.


Peace One Day

On Friday, September 20th, a group of dedicated students and adults (who had been planning the day for many weeks, even months) created and led an inspiring day of workshops and a rally for peace and our environment. Thank you to the following students who made it all possible.

Skye Chamberlain, Kaleigh Campbell, Emily Brinkman, Eleni Broulliard, Alder Donovan-Cook, Marlie Hunt, Anna Rakowski, Emma Jackman, Emma Huestis, Hannah Kelly, Robbie Bicknell, Sophie Davis, Sophie Hatch, Gabe Praamsma, Ben Huston, Ryley Olson, Una Fonte, Kai Williams, Leah Croke, Siobhan Eagan, Dalylah Sorrell-Cushman, Summer Chabot, Emily Rooney

And thank you to the adults who supported these students.

Allison Mahoney (Peace One Day Faculty Advisor), Ed Cook, the custodial staff, Lee Shorey, Lynn Rapoport, and Glenn Story


Health Classes Start Initiative to Encourage Physical Activity & Healthy Nutritional Choices

Have you joined Fuel Up to Play 60? If not, students can join this program by going to and creating an account for themselves by using our school code, “Commodores.” Parents can also support their students by helping them complete various challenges. Our overall goal as a school is to have everyone do 60 minutes of physical activity and make healthy nutritional choices everyday.


Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) Meetings

Middle school QSA meets every Monday during callback in Ms. Sweeney's office. The high school QSA meets every Monday at 2:45 pm in Suzanne Monzel's office in RRC. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.


Informational Meetings - Proposed School District Restructuring

There is one more meeting at VUES. See this flyer. More information is available at on the main page, including a link on the right side called “School Reconfiguration Resources”.


2019-2020 Yearbooks

Order through the following links.

High School

Middle School



Job Opportunity for Students in Grades 9-12

Basin Harbor, Vergennes VT - Basin Harbor seeks weekend and evening babysitters on an as needed basis for the remainder of the season. Basin Harbor interviews babysitters and collects references. Successful candidates are placed on a list and contacted by the concierge when their services are needed. All monetary transactions are handled between the sitter and the guest.

If you are interested, available, and have reliable transportation please apply here.


Want to learn more about VUHS?

Don’t forget that you can also check out the new school website! There are lots of great resources and contact information for families and students.