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eNews Mar 30, 2020

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Administrators’ Message

It’s been a challenging transition to online, remote, distance learning this past week. There has also been a lot of new and constantly changing information coming out related to COVID-19. All educators at VUHS continue to work to adapt learning for students to do away from the school building. Thank you for your patience, support, and feedback (both positive and constructive) during this time. We are learning and adjusting as we go, so knowing how things are working for students and families is essential to making learning as accessible as it can be for the rest of the school year.

Shared by an ANWSD employee...8 Things To Remember When Going Through Tough Times

Hoping everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Stephanie, Ed, & Jay


Continuity of Learning Update - March 27, 2020

Please read this letter from Sheila Soule explaining general plans for the remainder of the school year.


Meals on the Bus - Important Update

Thank you to everyone who is taking meals for all students 18 years old and younger. We are reimbursed for each meal, so the more meals provided, the more reimbursement the district receives to continue providing food.

You should have received a phone call from Kathy Alexander, Director of the ANWSD School Meals Program, on Friday, March 27th. That same information is linked here. Thanks for reading it if you haven’t heard the update for the “Meals On The Bus” program. Here is the short form to fill out so the people delivering know how meals to deliver each day. Filling out this form also saves families the hassle of putting a note on their cooler everyday.


Maintenance of Learning Docs

Educational plans for the coming week are on the same Maintenance of Learning docs shared previously, but they are linked below too.


Resources for Connecting to the Internet

There are many options for access listed on the Vermont Department of Public Service website. Most companies are offering free or very low cost options right now. You can also find information about free Public WiFi Hotspots in Vermont as well as getting access to all of Comcast’s wifi hotspots.


Addison Independent Students of the Week

Every other week a well-deserving VUHS senior is selected as an Addison Independent Student of the Week. These students are actively involved in the community and working hard to make the most of their education. Be sure to check out the Monday, March 16th and Thursday, April 2nd editions of the paper to learn more about our most recently recognized outstanding seniors, Robbie Bicknell and Kaleigh Campbell. Congratulations Robbie and Kaleigh!


Congratulations Becca Coffey!

National History Day® (NHD) is proud to announce that Mrs. Rebecca Coffey, a social studies teacher at Vergennes Union High School, has been nominated by the NHD program in Vermont for consideration for the 2020 Hannah E. (Liz) MacGregor Teacher of the Year Award. Read more about the award here.


Options for Scanning Documents

If you need to scan a document, but don’t have a scanner, you can use a phone or other device to upload documents to your Google Drive. From the Google Drive app (follow the instructions on the screen also):

Touch +

Touch Scan

Take a picture of the document

Touch the check if it looks good

Touch check again to save as pdf or touch + to add another page

This will save directly into your google drive

Scanning is not an option in Google Drive on iPhone/iPad, but you can use Notes on your iPhone/iPad. See directions at 

There are also other apps available such as Scan Genius.


Virtual Science Opportunities Through UVM - Grades 7-12

Here are some cool science opportunities through UVM's 4-H program - Teen Science Cafes.  They are offering them virtually and they are free! Click here for more information.


Summer Programs 2020

It’s hard to know what will happen with summer programs at this point, but we encourage students and parents/guardians to check out opportunities and contact the programs directly. If summer programs are happening, we don’t want students to miss out.

Click here to access a list of these opportunities for students currently in grades 7-12. We are not specifically endorsing any of these programs (because we are not familiar with all of them) and encourage you to further research any in which your student might be interested.