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Start the school year right with
free school breakfast and lunch!

Make sure you turn in your school meals application at the start of the new school year. Many families who think they won’t qualify discover that they do, so it’s worth it to turn in an application even if you’re not sure if you qualify. All students who qualify for school meals will receive breakfast and lunch at no charge. Strong participation in school meals also helps in other ways: the amount of grant money a school receives, and the opportunity to serve meals at no charge to every student during the summer and after school, is all based on the percentage of students who enroll in our school meal program. By turning in your application, you are helping every child at our school. Strong participation helps your school’s meal program serve high-quality, delicious food and remain financially strong. Finally, when your child qualifies for school meals, he or she also qualifies for reduced college entrance exam and application fees!

It has never been more worth it for families to complete and return the school meal application. Enrolling your child in the school meal program helps your child access nutritious food at school to better concentrate and learn, and saves you time and money. Click the link above to view and print the enrollment application, contact VUHS or visit, and turn your completed application in to VUHS today!

After School Meals Program

Info About the Program:

The Addison Northwest School District is sponsoring the U.S. Department of Agriculture-funded Child and Adult Care Food Program at Vergennes Union High School.  We provided our first afterschool meal on February 22, 2016. The ANWSD Fusion program that provides care, educational, and enrichment activities for children makes afterschool meals (dinner) available for all students at no cost. These meals are provided without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.  

This afterschool meal is provided in place of the regular fusion snack.  Stop by before getting on the bus or going to an afterschool activity. The afterschool meal will be available Monday-Friday immediately after school ends and will include pizza or a variety of sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, and milk depending on the day. Don’t miss out!