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Happy Summer Everyone! 

Congratulations to our graduates, the Class of 2017!  
Make us proud.  Never forget your roots.

We wish our underclassmen & middle school students a safe and healthy summer.  
See you on August 30!  

Please join us in welcoming 
our incoming 7th grade class, the Class of 2023

PH: (802) 877-2938
Fax: (802) 877-2558

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Our 5 Guidelines:
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District Vision:
"We are committed to using a personalized learning approach with a multi-tiered system of supports in order that all students progress."

VUHS Mission:
"Our purpose as a school community is to foster 
the development of knowledgeable, responsible, respectful, and healthy individuals who flourish in and contribute to an 
ever-changing society." 

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