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2017 The Icebreaker

The Icebreaker 2017

Friday November  17th

 Load bus (it will be by HS gym entrance) and leave VUHS at 8:30 am

 Lunch on Road ...…..Subway, McD or Pizza   approx. $10

 Continue to Woburn, Ma Crown Plaza Hotel (1-781-935-8760), 

   There is a pool, sauna, weight room to enjoy!

    If time permits we will head into Boston and stop at Fanneli Hall. Return to Hotel around 9.

 Emergency contact:    Dennis West cell # 802 989-4334


Saturday November 18th

 6:00 wake-up

 7:00 Breakfast-approx. $7/ pick up lunch for day

 8:00 Meet boat and launch

 9:00 Rowing Instructions   RACE TIME 9:30. Currently there will be three races for each Division plus a Nautical Mile Race

 4:00 Awards Ceremony

 5:00 On the Road Again Depart for VUHS arrive Home approx. 11:00 dinner on the road approx. $7




   Toiletries, water bottle, gloves, bathing suit

  2 changes of clothes, whatever you like to row in for clothing. Dress accordingly for rain and/or cold weather.



Approximate cost of trip $85.  The hotel will run $30 (included in the $85 estimate) for each person. We will be sleeping 4 to a room to help keep the cost down. You may still want to bring a sleeping bag.  If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me. If money is an issue for anyone, please see or contact me, Dennis West 877-2938 X-214 or at home 877-6707 or


Thank You