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2018 JW Race Results

Competing in the James Wakefield Rescue Row Saturday 10/7/18, at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, the VUHS Rowing Team once again proved why they are the best high school rowing team in New England. With the depth of this year’s team Vergennes was able to enter 8 teams in the various rowing divisions. With those 8 teams Vergennes captured three First place and one second place finishes. With a blistering time of 12 minutes and 12 seconds the VUHS Experienced Six Oar Divison team consisting of Nathan “Fall in the lake” Devos, Zeke Clark, Mitch Clark, Aiden Gardner, Mike Davis, Jackson Hameline and Shamus Hayes  took top honors.

In the Experienced Four Oar Division the team of Bethany Delgadillo, Ben Clark, Robert Verburg, Richmond Rathbun and Devon Coleman claimed bragging rights.

To round out the third, First place team in the Novice Six Oar Division the team of Claire Austin, Addie Brooks, Olivia Brooks, Emily Brinkman and Karyn Kenfield captured top honors.

Taking second in the Intermediate Six Oar Division the team coxed by Jack Chaput, Ryan Barringer, Josh Delgadillo, Zach Botalla, Adam Clark and Evan Ambrose.