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2017 Otter Creek Results

Otter Creek Rowing Competition 2017

This year the Otter Creek Challenge was held again at the falls in Vergennes. There was 6 Vermont schools with a total of over 140 students competing. In total it was a 3 mile race, 1.5 miles to the 1st turn and 1.5 miles back to the area of their starting point. It was a good race, not very much current, and observers were able to walk along the side of the creek to cheer on the rowers.

First place honors goes to Claire Austin, Addie Brooks, Kary Kenfield, Emily Brinkman, Olivia Brooks for winning the 4 Oared Novice Division out of 2 boats.

Placing third out of eight in the Novice 6 Oar Division goes to Jack, Ryan, Jonathan Flores-Torres, Adam Clark, Ashley Desmit, Raymond VanderWey, and Dakota Loven.

Placing fourth out of eight  in the Novice 6 Oar Division right behind Jack's boat is the boat of Andrew Kahmar, Audrey Tembreull, Lexi Rice, Stephen Eagan, Maria Delgadillo, AJ Chamberlain, and Brianna Billings.

Placing fifth in the Novice 6 Oar Division goes to the team of Amanda Cook, Una Fonte, Sam Michaels, Colby Martin, JJ Forgues and.Paige Bolduc.

Placing eighth in the Novice 6 Oar Division goes to the team of Marin Howell, Jonas Amerson, Caden Howell, Jasmine Little, Katlin Little, Jackson Coffey, and Jackson Bennett.

First place honors out of seven in the Intermediate 6 Oar Division goes to the hardworking team of Bethany Delgadillo, Brianna VanderWey, Richmond Rathbun, Dylan Rappoport, Devon Coleman, Robert Verburg, and Judy Dunne.

Also receiving first place honors out 1 boat in the Experienced 6 oar Division goes to the team of Nathan DeVos, Zeke Clark, Holden Clark, Mitch Clark, Mike Davis, Aiden Gardner.