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2017 Icebreaker Results

Rowing Team Announcement

Traveling to Boston this past weekend to participate in the All New England Youth Rowing Championships were there where well over 300 rowers participating, the Vergennes teams brought home lots of BLING!

Congrats to the team of Nathan “Fall in the lake” Devos, Zeke, Mitch, and Holden Clark, Mike Davis, Jackson Hameline, and Aidan Gardner place 2nd in the Experienced 6 Oar Division by less than 4 seconds from the top team. The same crew also finished in 2nd place in the Nautical Mile.

The team of Bethany Delgadillo, Brianna VanderWey, Ray VanderWey, Devon Coleman, Judith Dunne, Ben Clark and Richmond Rathbun finished first in the Nautical Mile and also captured 3rd place in the Intermediate Division.

In the Novice 6 Oar Division the team of Jack Chaput, Adam Clark, Dakota Loven, Ashley DeSmit, Chris Bolduc, Josh Delgadillio, and Rya Baringer took top honors as well as taking the top spot in their Nautical mile race.

Claire Austin, Emily Brinkman, AJ Chamberlain, Grace Smith, and Olivia Brooks took 3rd in the Novice 4 Oar Division.

In the Middle School Championship the crews lead by  Marion Howell as coxswain and Andrew Kachmar in the other boat the crews of Caden Howell,  Olivia Wyckoff, Paige Bolduc, JJ Forgues, Sam Micheals , Olivia Wyckoff, Josh Amerson,   Audrey Tembruell, Katlin Little, Noah Letendre, Maria Delgadillio, and Jasmine Little took first and second places in the sprints as well as in the Nautical Mile.