High School Math Team

posted Mar 17, 2016, 12:18 PM by VUHS Website   [ updated Mar 17, 2016, 12:24 PM ]
The VUHS Math Team participated in its last math team meet of the year at Mt. Mansfield on Pi Day (March 14th). The team was victorious over Milton, Missisquoi, Mt. Abe, U-32 and Vt. Commons. 


The following students were high scorers for Meet #5 in each category:

Arithmetic: Kristina Jochum & Dylan Rapoport
Geometry: Kaitlyn Brace
Algebra: John Duke
Adv. Math: Sadie Kass

Top five scorers overall for Meet #5.
#4: Tyler Kepes
#3: Kristina Jochum and Dylan Rapoport
#2: John Duke
#1: Sadie Kass

The following are high scorers for the individual categories for the school year.
Arithmetic: Kristina Jochum
Geometry: Erin Lawrence
Algebra: Tyler Kepes
Adv. Math: Sadie Kass

Top scorers overall for the school year are:
5th: Max Ratti-Bicknell (45pts)
4th: Kristina Jochum (53 pts)
3rd: Tyler Kepes (73 pts)
2nd: Nathan Rowell (75 pts)
1st: Sadie Kass (104 pts)

Special congratulations to the following mathletes for attending all 5 math meets in the 2015-2016 school year: Kaitlyn Brace, Emma Husk, Sadie Kass and Tyler Kepes.

We will miss our seniors next year. Bassim Bunde (2 meets), Kyra Duggento (3 meets), John Duke (2 meets), Jack Eisenhower (3 meets), Tyler Kepes (5 meets), Xavier Provencher (1 meet), Nathan Rowell (4 meets), Gunnar Sonwaldt (4 meets) Good Luck with your future adventures!