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Team Phoenix


 Ralph Bernardini


Extension: 250

Laura Frangipane

Social Studies

Extension: 252


Meghan McGrath

Language Arts

Chris Oxley


 Extension: 254

Elizabeth Brisson
Special Ed

Extension: 293

Laura Husk
Special Ed

Extension: 253

Lori Stith
Guidance Counselor

Extension: 257

Genius Hour Schedule

 8:00 Morning Meeting
 8:20 Exploratory and Snack 
 9:35 Block A
 10:15 Block B
 10:55 Spark
 11:15 Block C
 11:55 Block D   
 12:35 Lunch
 1:00 Genius Hour
 2:00 Music/Callback

Bungee 360 Videos

Canyon Swing Stand on the edge of a 400 foot canyon and fly through the air into some serious exposure. Look out below, and above, on the ultimate rope swing.