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Other Courses

Instrumental Class

This course is designed for students who desire to improve their instrumental music skills.  you will study solos, including those at the District, All State and New England levels.  You will compose, arrange and transpose music to perform with the class.  You will also have the opportunity to learn secondary instruments.  Those wishing to study piano should register for the piano class, rather than this class which is focused on band instruments.

World Drumming

This class provides an introduction to world music through drumming.  You will learn fundamentals of drumming and singing music of several cultures.  The class may perform at local schools, VUHS concerts or recitals. 

Voice Class

This class is designed for the more serious singer who wishes to improve their vocal technique. Topics include good posture, diction, breathing and tone.  You will study solo repertoire and may prepare for District, All State and New England auditions.  The class culminates in a recital on the VUHS stage.

Piano Class

This class provides introductory piano lessons to students in a group setting.  No prior experience is necessary.

Piano Class II

This class is a continuation of Piano Class I.  You will further refine your piano technique and will continue to study music theory.

Music Theory / History II

This class explore the basics of music theory including scales, intervals, triads, composition, analysis, rhythmic and melodic dictation and sight singing.  The class will also study music history from the Classical, Romantic and 20th Century periods.