Parallel Parking Video & Steps

Proper Parallel Parking


  1. Check rear-view mirror

  2. Signal Right (4 sec before stop)

  3. Slow down and tap brakes to show those behind you that you are slowing down.

  4. Pull up 2-3 feet next to the vehicle you will be parking in back of.

  5. Line up your rear bumpers by moving your car so that their tail light is in the magic window.

  6. Shift into Reverse.

  7. Check your rear view & blind spot (over left shoulder) and let all traffic go by.

  8. As you allow your car to slowly move backwards, turn your wheel quickly all the way to the right. Turn your wheel at the same time as you move your car.

  9. Back until you are at about 45 degrees. Move until you can see down their back bumper.

  10. Straighten your wheel by turning it one half a rotation and then a full rotation.

  11. Keep backing until you can see down the ENTIRE LEFT side of their car out your front windshield.

  12. Turn your wheel all the way to the left and finish backing in.

  13. KEEP YOUR WHEEL ALL THE WAY LEFT!!!!! DON’T MOVE IT ONCE YOU’RE DONE. If you do it will put you too far back in the space.

To leave the parking space:
  • Shift: into D.

  • check rear view

  • blinker left

  • blind spot.