Dear Parent/Guardian:                                                                                                                                                                                       

Following is some general information which will help make your son/daughter’s driving experience the most effective. 

The State of New Hampshire requires that your son/daughter must be 16 by the conclusion of the course.  The education course consists of 30 hours classroom instruction, 10 hours behind the wheel instruction, and 6 hours of supervised observation. 

The State of New Hampshire also requires documented 40 hours of practice with a licensed parent/guardian in addition to the roadwork that they will receive in the Driver Education Program. Ten (10) of the 40 hours must be at in darkness.

I would like to encourage you to practice as much as possible with your son/daughter.  You will be given information to help with this practice, as well as a New Hampshire Driving Log for the required 40 hours. This practice is ESSENTIAL to your young adult’s development as a driver.  I have found that if restricted to just the 10 hours of road instruction that driver education provides, most students cannot master the driving skills required to obtain a license.  This practice time is most effective if your son/daughter receives practice as the items are taught in their instruction. 

In the State of New Hampshire, the operator must be at least 15 ½ years of age and accompanied in the front seat by a licensed NH driver who is at least 25 years old.  Your son/daughter should carry a copy of their birth certificate whenever they are driving.  We will also need a copy of this birth certificate to carry with us in the Driver’s Education cars, as this is a State requirement now.  There are no “learner” permits in NH.  Additionally, they are only allowed to drive in New Hampshire.  Most insurance companies will cover this practice; however, we recommend that you contact your insurance agent prior to initiating their roadwork. 

Listen    (Turn Your Speakers on Please)  Rules of the Road

THERE IS A MANDATORY MEETING FOR PARENTS. The program you and your son/daughter MUST attend will help us create a partnership in helping your son/daughter become a safe driver. The curriculum which is taught in this program is the NH Risk Prevention Curriculum.  At this meeting, you will be given the ADTSEA Parent/Mentor Guide to assist you in instructing your son/daughter; the out-of-class log sheet; and other general information on how the class is structured.  There will also be an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have.  Information regarding day/time of this meeting may be found on the Driver Education Rules pages of the application form. 

Please bring the completed application, the original and a copy of birth certificate, and a check payable to Woodsville High School for the sum of $500.00 to the Mandatory Parent Night. 

Thank you for allowing me to participate in this exciting time of your teenager’s life. Students and parents should review the pages listed on the Driver Education Application and Parents Guide located in the files and forms section of this website. Please complete each appropriate page and bring with you to parent night.

Any questions please call me at school (603) 747-2781 or email me at


Rod Hull

Driver Education Teacher

Woodsville High School

Technology Integration Specialist