Driver Education

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Take VUHS Driver Education so this won't happen to you!!!

Hello and welcome to the VUHS Driver Education homepage! My name is Ms Chicoine and I have been working at VUHS since 1999 and have taught Driver Education since 2004.

We have a serious responsibility to provide our youth with an opportunity to learn to use the motor vehicle wisely and safely. The purpose of driver education at VUHS is not only to prepare students for the license test at the DMV, it is taught to help students make healthy, safe, and responsible decisions once they are driving alone. The main goal of this program is to teach students how to stay alive, stay uninjured, and prevent crashes on the roadways. Students will learn the best practices for minimizing and reducing risk over a lifetime of driving.  

Studies show the more supervised driving a teen gets with adults the less likely they are to crash once driving alone. The teacher, parents, and student in driver education form a team that only together can be successful.  Behaviors and decision making taught in class must be practiced and role modeled outside of class. Please use the links on this page to see what homework assignments are and when they are due and to find out more information about driver education and the topics we are learning about in class.

Feel free to contact me with questions or for information about driving.

Rod Hull