Transferable Skills

SD: Self-Direction - I demonstrate reliability while identifying and actively pursuing  interests in preparation for lifelong learning and growth.

SD.1 - Demonstrate reliability by being prepared, meeting deadlines, and advocating for oneself.
SD.2 - Demonstrate initiative to set and meet goals and standards, make decisions, and assess quality of work.
SD.3 - Demonstrate flexibility, including the ability to incorporate feedback and other new ideas and revise.

COL: Collaboration - I exhibit the skills to work independently and collaboratively with efficiency and effectiveness.

COL.1 - Demonstrate awareness and consideration for self and others.

COL.2A - Participate in and contribute to the enhancement of school community.

COL.2B - Participate in and contribute to the enhancement of community life.

COL.3 - Demonstrate knowledge of and respect for diverse cultures, identities and perspectives.

CT: Critical Thinking -  I use a variety of sources to understand, interpret, analyze and evaluate information.

CT.1 - Apply knowledge across disciplines and contexts and to real-life situations.
CT.2 - Analyze, evaluate and synthesize information from multiple sources (technology) to frame questions and draw conclusions.
CT.3 - Develop and use a model (2D or 3D visual representation) to represent or explain a system, process or complex concept.

PS: Problem Solving -  I apply a variety of problem-solving strategies demonstrating reflective, creative, critical and innovative thinking and modeling.

PS.1 - Observe and evaluate situations in order to define problems.
PS.2 - Frame questions, make predictions, and design data collection and analysis strategies.
PS.3 - Persist in solving challenging problems, adapting strategies and approaches as needed.

COM: Communication -  I use written and oral communication for a variety of audiences and purposes.

COM.1 - Demonstrate organized communication through varied modes (oral, written, visual and/or performance).
COM.2 - Use evidence and logic (reasoning) purposefully in communication.
COM.3 - Listen actively to others and analyze and respond to the information or viewpoints presented.

T: Technology - I use technology effectively to find, organize, and communicate information for a variety of purposes.

TEC.1 - Use technology to enhance and disseminate communication.

TEC.2 - Use technology to support and enhance the critical thinking process.

TEC.3 - Practice responsible digital citizenship.