Proficiency Based Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, each VUHS learner creates and maintains a Graduation Portfolio that documents evidence of skills, knowledge, and enduring understanding as an autonomous, lifelong learner.  The Graduation Portfolio must show proficiency in each of the following requirements.  Each learner will give a final presentation and defense of their portfolio in their senior year.

Transferable Skills

Personal Learning: I understand my own strengths and challenges and use this knowledge in identifying goals, setting priorities, managing progress, and planning for my future.

Citizenship: I am an active and contributing member of my local, state, national and global communities, in which I am working to develop a multi-faceted understanding of myself, of others, and of the natural world.

Research: I use research to acquire, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information and ideas from diverse contexts. I use these skills to explore a variety of issues, justify conclusions, and make decisions.

Problem Solving: I solve problems using appropriate methodologies.

Clear and Effective Communication:  I use written and oral communication for a variety of audiences and purposes.

Technology:  I use technology to find, organize, and communicate information for a variety of purposes.

Content Area Proficiencies

These content area proficiencies will be assessed at the classroom level with proficiency determined by the instructor through course work aligned to the guiding standards in each area.

English Language Arts & Literacy


Global Citizenship


Physical Education


Visual and Performing Arts